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Quick-to-use text and document analysis

Your use case - ready in record time

Quickly and efficiently developed for your use case

High-performance text and document analysis for your specific use case: kinisto enables the recognition of the information you require in context, from any type of text, regardless of structure and format - using trained models, kinisto identifies the specific features and contexts.

We train new models with little effort and in the shortest possible time. Through our Data-Centric Active Learning technology, kinisto can be trained with a fraction of the data normally required - for maximum fast results.

Fast performance and ready for use
For your individual use case
Up to 80% less training time
Training with up to 98% less examples

Intelligent learning

Data-Centric Active Learning

kinisto models for contextual recognition of specific information quickly become performant and ready for use. kinisto’s Data-Centric Active Learning technology enables training in record time:

  • Training data optimization with kinisto accelerates the training process by more than 80% compared to the conventional approach.
  • kinisto generates new training data based on existing examples for maximum variance. Up to 98% less training data is needed.
  • The kinisto development environment for data scientists makes it possible to optimize raw data, annotation and model in short iteration cycles.

Automate now with kinisto for fast, accurate results and high-performance. We are happy to advise you.

Consistently flexible integration

Completely integrated into your processes

kinisto can be integrated into existing architectures or software with minimal effort.

AIaaS - AI as a Service

In the cloud version, kinisto is provided as a ready-to-use API. No hosting and operation are required - the integration of kinisto is effortless.


For on-premise operation, kinisto is delivered in standardized container formats and can be integrated wherever Docker and/or Kubernetes are used.
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