Recognize content - in context

Information in relation

From recognition to understanding

AI.on recognizes information in context. Our “Contextual AI” processes information even in long, complex texts or tabular documents on a human level - and makes it available in the form of structured data.

Recognition in visual and linguistic context
Structured data from any content
Detection of complex contexts
Processing of complex / long texts
Custom solutions in record time
Turn-key as REST API

Contextual AI

Recognition through contextualization

AI.on recognizes the relationship of text elements to each other and thereby reads information from any type of text, regardless of structure and format. AI.on is fast, high-performance, efficient and, above all, precise.

Natural language is first “clustered” into individual components and the meaning of the text elements as well as their position is detected. Subsequently, AI.on puts all captured text elements in context to each other - both linguistically and with respect to their position in the document. Thus, even complex content relationships can be captured in a wide variety of layouts, formats and formulations.

AI.on reads texts and documents like a human - only faster and more precise.

Data-Centric Active Learning

Faster results with less training data

Training data is the biggest lever for performance. Our Data-Centric Active Learning technology optimizes training data for AI.on. AI.on selects the best training data itself and also generates new training data based on existing examples for maximum variance. In the integrated development environment for data scientists, raw data, annotation and model are optimized in short iteration cycles.

This reduces the training time for new use cases by up to 80% and requires up to 98% less training data. AI.on can also be trained for use cases with sensitive data where no real training data is available.

Individual solutions in record time

Your use case developed quickly and efficiently

Innovative and high-performance text and document analysis for your specific use case: AI.on is ready for use in the shortest possible time - from first proof of concept to deployment of the finished solution.

More efficient, better performing, more precise: Automate your document-based processes now with innovative AI technology.

Consistently flexible integration

Completely integrated into your processes

AI.on can be integrated into existing architectures or software with minimal effort.

AIaaS - AI as a Service

In the cloud version, AI.on is provided as a ready-to-use API. No hosting and operation are required - the integration of AI.on is effortless.


For on-premise operation, AI.on is delivered in standardized container formats and can be integrated wherever Docker and/or Kubernetes are used.
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