Text Intelligence Platform

Use information from your documents.

A lot of important information is hidden in documents like contracts, emails or annual reports and thus difficult or time-consuming for your employees to access. The Text Intelligence Platform makes this information available - scalably, in real-time and with consistent quality.

Direct access to information

Contracts with service providers and customers, documentation of processes and events, free text notes in CRM and ERP - a lot of relevant information is only captured in text form.

Get appropriate answers and analysis across the entire document inventory.

Case Study: How NOVEC supports customer service employees with an analysis of CRM notes.

This Strategic Alliance Agreement is made and entered into this 9th day of September 2005, by and between UTEK Corporation ("UTK "), 202 South Wheeler Street, Plant City, Florida 33566 a Delaware corporation, and World Energy Solutions , ("AVDU "), 3900A 31st Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida, a Florida corporation.

More than efficiency gains

Today, highly specialized professionals and clerks spend much of their valuable time reading & documenting. In many cases, this is just a matter of making information from texts digitally usable for further processes.

This can be done more efficiently.

With automatic recognition of concerns and relevant information, the processing of incoming mail and contact center inquiries can be automated and simplified.

So your employees can focus on the important tasks.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby request termination of my contract No. 16837626 at the next possible date.

Please send a confirmation of the cancellation to jack.smith[at]gmail.com.

Full market transparency... at the touch of a button

How many M&A transactions took place in Germany last year? How has the profitability of your direct competitors developed since 2018? Which insurance companies are already using artificial intelligence?

Find the answers to the most relevant questions about your market environment by analyzing publications. Whether 100, 1,000 or 10,000 documents - deep learning-based analysis is scalable and efficient.

Case Study: How an investment firm keeps track of the market with the Text Intelligence Platform.

In 2018, the company employed an average of 60 people, including 18 blue-collar workers, 34 white-collar workers and 8 trainees.

Human-level text comprehension

The tetrel Text Intelligence Platform achieves human-level text understanding with deep learning models of the current generation.

  • Context is recognized
  • Synonyms are learned
  • Typos, OCR errors and different layouts are tolerated

Your own solution in just a few steps

Usually, training data is the biggest challenge in the adaptation of deep learning models. Very often, tens to hundreds of thousands of records have to be processed manually to achieve a high-performance result. This ties up many employees and can take a long time.

This can also be done simpler, better and faster.

With a combination of transfer learning, synthetic training data and active learning, we achieve human-level performance after only a few weeks - automated and tailored to your needs.

Benefit from economic efficiency in information processing through artificial intelligence: maximum result with minimum effort.

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