Check loan applications on an AI basis

Important data, quickly available and ready for review
Faster review of incoming loan applications

Loan applications or construction financing applications, as well as related documents, have to be checked and the relevant data evaluated. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods, kinisto automatically extracts important data and core information, e.g. from payroll and exposés, and outputs them in a structured manner. This significantly speeds up the handling processes. The authenticity of submitted documents can also be checked for plausibility with the help of kinisto.

Fully automated data extraction
Accelerated audit processes
Basis for risk assessment and fraud prevention
More security & transparency
Reduced error rate
Cost reduction

Automation in application review

Save time. Optimize processes. Increase security and transparency.

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods, kinisto recognizes information in context and makes it usable. For the review of Loan applications, this means that data from important related documents can be captured in a structured manner - regardless of the layout and form of the documents. In addition, kinisto can perform completely automated checks for certain features that may be associated with risks.

Classification & data extraction

kinisto recognizes the text elements contained in the document, puts them in context with each other and extracts the relevant information in a structured manner. Important features and information are available quickly and in a usable form - from bank statements and salary slips to core information from real estate valuations and contractor invoices.

Process optimization

The rapid availability of the information gives banks the opportunity to respond to inquiries in real time, even without an online account view. In addition, the information can act as a basis for plausibility and/or risk checks.

Review and process applications faster

Loan applications

Automated screening & fraud prevention

kinisto enables the automated processing of credit documents as part of the credit approval process. kinisto transfers all important data from documents, such as payroll, to banks’ systems in a structured manner. This significantly accelerates the verification process and creates the conditions for automated processing - up to dark processing. In order to exclude possible fraud, a plausibility check can also be performed for fraud prevention.

Construction financing

Process automation

From land register entries to contractor invoices to documents for the loan application and the object of purchase - developer, contractor, agent, buyer, loan broker, bank - many documents are exchanged during construction financing. kinisto reads the contained information - manual data entry is obsolete. Processes can be automated on this basis. This includes, for example, the determination of the real estate value, the definition of the credit line, the application for the loan and its disbursement.

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