Automated claims verification

Information quickly available and ready for review
Faster, accurate claims review

In the event of a claim, insured parties send numerous documents and images documenting the damage - insurers quickly need the relevant data for the claims check. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Deep Learning methods, kinisto extracts all relevant information and outputs it in a structured manner - regardless of the structure of the documents. This significantly accelerates the processes during processing.

Fully automated data extraction
Accelerated testing processes
Fast feedback to customers
Accelerated reimbursement
More security & transparency
Reduced error rate

Quickly to relevant data

Save time. Optimize processes. Gain security and transparency.

kinisto recognizes information in context and makes it usable. The automated capture of reimbursement-relevant data from claims saves processing time and makes it possible to provide the customer with feedback quickly or to initiate reimbursement directly in dark processing.

Classification & data extraction

kinisto recognizes the text elements contained in the document, puts them in context with each other and extracts the relevant information in a structured manner. Important data is available quickly and in a usable form - e.g. from damage reports, medical bills or even prescriptions.

Process optimization

The rapid availability of the information enables insurers to process claims more quickly. In addition, the information can serve as a basis for further process automation - e.g. for the automated determination of settlement amounts or even the reimbursement itself.

Efficient review & reimbursement

Evaluation of damage reports

Faster results & forecasting of regulation totals

kinisto extracts relevant passages from damage reports - regardless of the wording and structure of the documents. This enables fast processing, automated determination of settlement amounts and rapid feedback to the claimant. A traffic light system based on certain extracted features is also possible, which outputs particularly critical passages grouped accordingly.

Review of medical bills & prescriptions

Scalable data from various formats

kinisto can extract all relevant information from medical bills and prescriptions that are not standardized in form, structure and wording by means of contextual analysis. Based on this structured data, insurers can automate the reimbursement process (incl. matching with allowance criteria and coverage amounts). This means: fast customer feedback and settlement - at lower costs.

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