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Sought and found: suitable customers

Canon uses docuduct Platform from tetrel to identify ideal business customers.

Situation and challenge

Technology is at the core of Canon’s corporate identity. As the world leader in imaging technologies, Canon is not only a leader in the photographic and printing industries, but has also developed numerous other core competency technologies, including those for the industrial and medical sectors. Canon products are used in a wide range of applications and industries, including hospitals and doctors' surgeries, offices, industrial printing and manufacturing, TV and film production.

In order to identify suitable business customers for the respective Canon products, standard criteria such as industry and company size are therefore often not sufficient. Instead, it is necessary to specifically evaluate which customers could have which use for Canon products in their company.

The objective of the joint project between Canon and tetrel was to identify individual target customers and the size of the relevant market for a Canon business unit.

Detailed market evaluation through intelligent website analysis

Based on the various existing customer segments of the Canon Business Unit, a suitable segmentation of the business by application was developed. Subsequently, suitable target customers per segment were identified in the market.

The basis for this was tetrel’s docuduct platform. Companies without their own business operations - for example shelf companies and asset management companies - were sorted out in advance by using a pretrained docuduct module on company websites.

To determine whether companies belong to one of the defined segments, i.e. have the appropriate use for Canon products, the company websites were analysed. Relevant text passages on the website were identified and qualified using another docuduct module. A scoring model then classified whether the company belonged to one of the defined segments.


segmentation of the relevant market at individual company level


new target customers for business sales