Specialists for Artificial Intelligence

Digitalization of document-based processes

AI for process digitalization

From Recognition to Understanding

For successful automation of document-based processes, it is not enough to perform simple rule-based extractions. Lots of important information is contained in layout and textual context.

We develop deep learning solutions that process this information using billions of individual parameters. For example, tables can be recognized even in previously unknown formats and words can be analyzed depending on the sentence context.

We develop solutions with human-level text understanding.

Digital future

For successful digitization of business processes, not only machine data but also documents and language must be processed automatically.

Focus on practical application

We develop high-performance text analysis solutions based on deep learning (artificial intelligence) for sustainable and efficient automation of processes in companies.

Flexible and readily available for use

Out-of-the-box solutions or individually tailored to specific use cases: We consult and develop new solutions quickly and consistently thanks to our interactive approach to generating training data.


Always at work for our customers
Philipp Block

Philipp Block

Product, Customer Success, Finance
10 years of experience in digitalization and strategy consulting
Diploma in mathematics and computer science
Dr. Anselm Schultes

Dr. Anselm Schultes

Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Science
12 years of experience in machine learning and software development
PhD in computational economics & diploma in physics
Johannes Humbert

Johannes Humbert

Sales & Business Development
11 years of experience in FinTech and Insurtech
Certified insurance broker
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