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Tetrel was founded in 2018 with the core idea of making Artificial Intelligence easier to use for businesses. Away from the hype, we see our mission in identifying strategic use cases for Artificial Intelligence together with our partners, evaluating them and turning them into productive solutions. In doing so, we see AI as a tool to support highly skilled employees and a lever to efficiently increase productivity.

It is our understanding that AI will be a part of almost all software systems in the future. The ability to make fast and accurate data-driven decisions will be the engine of competitiveness in the 21st century. Innovation requires intelligent systems and business models as the basic building block of sustainable success.

This is what we are committed to, as consultants, developers and innovation experts serving our partners. To jointly implement solutions that enable sustainable innovation and revolutionary results.

We are proud of our great team consisting of mathematicians, physicists and digital entrepreneurs. We would say, “Of the best, the nicest.”


Philipp Block

Philipp Block

Chief Executive Officer

8 years of experience in telecommunications industry and strategy consulting

Diploma in mathematics and computer science

Dr. Anselm Schultes

Dr. Anselm Schultes

Chief Technology Officer

10 years of experience in data science and research

PhD in computational economics and diploma in physics

Johannes Humbert

Johannes Humbert

Chief Commercial Officer

9 years experience in FinTech and Insurtech

Certified insurance broker