If data is the new oil, then information is the new gold. And it is often hidden in contracts, emails, annual reports or free text notes in CRM and ERP. To get at this gold, it takes a lot of extra effort for employees. Unnecessarily.

Lead - in sales marketing it is generally clear what is meant by this - a potential valuable customer. But lead is also the word for the element. Natural Language Processing solutions can help to ensure that leads do not literally lie on the shelves like lead.

Artificial intelligence is often referred to as the supreme discipline of digital transformation. And rightly so. Because AI is only really picking up speed, it is becoming more and more mainstream in the sense of predictive models. And NLP, Natural Language Processing, is the booster.

Information is the most valuable asset. According to legend, Nathan Rothschild earned millions of pounds sterling because he knew the Battle of Waterloo's outcome before anyone else and manipulated the London Stock Exchange accordingly.

Today, it is possible for all companies to generate information about their state, their market, and forecasts in real-time and to develop these continuously.

Companies cannot handle artificial intelligence like conventional software. We need a fundamentally different understanding of how artificial intelligence can be used in business.