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Ghosting data in sales campaigns? Not with us!

2021-04-29 by Johannes Humbert (LinkedIn | Twitter)

“Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!” Since irrelevant data sets are a real nightmare for sales campaigns for a number of reasons, we come to the rescue with our Company Activity Check and catch them. Here’s an example:

A good, constantly updated address database is the name of the game for B2B sales campaigns. Because with one, costs and time can be saved. And you avoid wrong addresses. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But it can also be made just as simple - with the AI-based Company Activity Check from tetrel. This is because it can also be used to identify ghost Ltds.

Ghost Ltd.???

Yes, they exist. They are limited liability companies that are founded quickly for a single purpose and are liquidated again after a very short time. In fact, they are irrelevant for sales campaigns because there is no real business and thus no potential behind them. Just one example:

A few days ago, we learned in a roundabout way that an acquaintance of a friend of an acquaintance had recently founded a limited liability company - with the sole purpose of using it to buy a new car abroad more cheaply. As soon as he had the key in his hand, the limited company was liquidated again and removed from all registers.

Good for him, bad for all those who, unfiltered and unqualified, automatically integrated this and other Ghost Ltds. into their sales database. And this is where tetrel’s Company Activity Check comes into play. Of the approximately two million companies registered in Germany, up to 50% have no relevant business operations. These are holding companies, asset management companies or shelf companies - they have no real B2B potential.

Fast and intelligent in function, simple in result

The Company Activity Check filters out these companies in real time, eliminating the need for manual pre-qualification of leads. Either you use our own database for this or apply the Company Activity Check to your data source. This happens in seconds, as our solution is updated daily, hourly, second by second. Fixed parameters and self-learning algorithms thus ensure an up-to-date sales database at all times - without inactive companies or even ghost Ltds.

So, who you gonna call? tetrel!