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AI & Document Processing

07/26/2022 | Johannes Humbert

Extract data from standard documents with high accuracy and recognize relationships even in long, complex documents: The question is not whether it is useful, but how great the potential in intelligent document processing is in detail.

Digitalization in underwriting

07/14/2022 | Johannes Humbert

Complex topics, high-tech support: AI technology does not replace an underwriter, but it can assist in the daily work with long, complex texts and massively accelerate processes.

What Natural Language Processing (NLP) can do

12/15/2021 | Johannes Humbert

The applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) are manifold. What exactly is possible? “NLP” is often used as a buzzword or generic term. But just as not all AI is the same, the same applies to NLP.

A robust training process for NLP models


The difference between a quick, successful implementation and a never-ending proof of concept lies not in model training, but in the selection, conversion, cleansing, creation, and annotation of training data.

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